Key Reasons Why YouTube Video Marketing Is Effective

YouTube Platform

Lots of studies like this moz article (click here) show that Video marketing is the wave of the future.

YouTube video marketing is effective for a variety of key reasons. Video content is easier to deliver than ever, and YouTube is becoming more and more a part of people’s lives. More traditional means of internet marketing such as hosting several niche based blogs are largely losing its luster in comparison.  If you’re interested in stepping up your game in today’s current internet marketing world, here are some reasons why you should consider focusing on YouTube as a platform over more traditional text-based medium.

First of all, YouTube is going to give you an easy means of incredibly effective search engine optimization. YouTube is a Google platform, and its videos often rank quite highly in relevant searches. If you have a channel that’s about something along the lines of going to different flea markets and yard sales to find toys or video games every weekend, people with that same interest are almost certain to be directed right to your channel when they search for that topic.  If this is something you are interested in but are not comfortable doing it yourself, consider hiring a professional in your area like gotFound that is an expert in West Covina SEO.

Ease of Use

Setting up your YouTube videos is also significantly easier to set up and manage than it is on a website that you’re building from the ground up.  As long as you provide an informative description and are smart about your channel’s tags and keywords, you’re basically all set.  YouTube is already an incredibly powerful authority site that generates massive amounts of views throughout every second of the day, so it makes sense to hitch your wagon to it and go along for the ride.

This is a perfect example of using YouTube in an engaging way.

It’s also worth noting that videos have been proven to have a much higher likelihood of being shared around on social media sites. You hear about viral videos all the time. On the other hand, it’s pretty rare for that to happen for blog posts or articles. Only incredibly established professional authors and journalists tend to have any written works attain notoriety these days. Just about anyone can land a video that unexpectedly catches on like wildfire throughout Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr however. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a whole lot easier and generally more fun to sit to watch a video than pour over a mass of text on a screen.


Finally, there’s also a lot to be said for being able to make any products you’re selling or promoting more relatable by showing them in action rather than telling people about them.  It’s all well and good to hear about how refreshing a cold soft drink is, but when you see one being enjoyed on screen it’s bound to make you crave one way more. Many YouTube channels generate tons of success off of sponsored deals or providing reviews of items with affiliate links attached, and it works because their viewers can actually see these products in action. Simply seeing someone interact with them gives them far more validity.

In the end, this really just scratches the surface. YouTube is a rapidly growing platform for internet marketing. If you’re looking to make a living online, you’re likely to have far more success making videos than with any other pursuit right now.

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